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Wiki Writers For Gender Equality

There can be no question that Wikipedia is a complex, tricky system. There are many idiosyncrasies about it that can make it somewhat difficult, and not every Wikipedia entry is accepted. There are often whole entire articles that can be taken down if the user is not careful. Here at Get Your Wiki writers are aware of this situation and that is why we offer you a professional Wikipedia writing service in order to help you take the headache out of creating a Wiki page.

One of the great things about this service is that we also offer Wikipedia monitoring. We understand that sometimes edits can occur that can be malicious and hurt your company or brand. That is why our team of talented Wikipedia writers and editors are available to help make a Wikipedia page continue to reflect accurate, favorable information that puts your best foot forward long after the original page creation. This helps your company in terms of branding and marketing as Wikipedia pages often naturally land at the top of search due to the strength of the site.

Get Your Wiki Writers For Gender Equality

Get Your Wiki is also dedicated to keeping up with current issues related to Wikipedia. A recent article discussed the issue of gender inequality in the team of Wikipedia writers, and that is definitely something that our Wiki writers have wanted to address as well.

Worldwide, 44,000 people volunteer to write for Wikipedia. But the problem would be in the fact that only ten percent of these writers are female. There recently was an edit-a-thon that was attempting to try to bridge that gap. This event, which was put on by the director of strategic initiatives at West Virginia University, sought to create or edit a number of articles about women of color who were connected to the state of West Virginia.

The fact that such a large amount of Wikipedia authors are men means that often the subject matter of the site is not balanced.

“We’re taking baby steps,” said one West Virginia official about the possibility of bridging the gap.

They have already created some rather notable articles, including a piece about Elizabeth Simpson Drewry, who was the first African American female elected to the West Virginia State House. There is also a goal to create a page about Fannie Smith, who was known as the spouse of Booker T. Washington.

The problem that these individuals are tackling would be to give these famous women the same importance as a historical male with a similar biography. The edit-a-thon also serves a dual purpose in that it seeks to promote the rich history of West Virginia. The library has scheduled another similar event for February 12th that will focus on the relationships many historical females of the region have had.

It is stories like these that the individuals at Get Your Wiki like to promote, because it speaks to the commitment and dedication involved in not only making the site available for everyone, but to creating a more gender equal workplace.

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