How to Create and Update a Wikipedia Page with Positive Information: Advice from a Student turned Wiki Editor

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How to Create and Update a Wikipedia Page with Positive Information: Advice from a Student turned Wiki Editor

Emily Temple-Wood is a young 21-year-old college student with a purpose. She wants the world to know about female scientists on Wikipedia. Temple-Wood knows how important it is to have women represented on Wikipedia whether they create, edit or update a Wikipedia page, or they are the subject of the page themselves. She must tell the world about women that are involved in scientific field as well as women in general.

When Temple-Wood was age 12 she wrote some articles on Wikipedia. These writings were met with criticism of the worse kind. Emily-Temple received derogatory comments, abusive language and comments that would even make the hardest convict in a prison blush.At first the young girl did not know how to deal with the criticism. As she matured, she got tired of the negativity that she was receiving. So in 2012 Temple-Wood eventually became fed up with the abuse and decided to create a page entry on Wikipedia for every horrible remark that she received on this page.

Soon, her effort helped her not only to create Wiki pages for women that were unbiased, but she founded the Wikipedia WikiProject Women Scientists which was launched in 2012. Her efforts not only raised the profile of women on Wikipedia it also garnered national attention. The young lady was interviewed by major publications for her works and she has created YouTube videos that showcase and highlight the importance of female Wiki editors and Wikipedia pages about women throughout history. The young lady has even organized edit-thons at libraries which encourages women to uplift one another by creating and updating Wikipedia pages.

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Emily’s Wikipedia pages are now a permanent part of the Wikipedia community. Her efforts have helped to improve the lives of women everywhere. While Get Your Wiki might not make you an internet sensation, it certainly can help your online reputation move in a positive direction.