Get Your Wiki Keeps Pace With Changing Online Reputation Management Techniques

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Get Your Wiki Keeps Pace With Changing Online Reputation Management Techniques

Wikipedia Edits Are Now Done by Editors and Bots - Wikipedia Keeps Pace with Online Reputation Management Trends - Get Your Wiki

Gone are the days when Wikipedia was only for the most prominent historical figures or A-list celebrities. Wikipedia has now become a trusted, independent source of information for consumers and interested readers alike on a broad range of topics, including political events and mid-sized businesses. Even though you may have never considered that a Wikipedia page would even exist for your business 15 years ago, the time is now upon us where Wikipedia can make or break the online reputation of even the most seemingly mundane companies. It now ranks as the seventh most visited website in the world.

Before the 21st century, reputation management used to refer to the image of companies as conveyed by the conventional media. The rise of the Internet since then has changed the game in terms of how companies are perceived by the public because in-depth information about the inner-workings of companies is now available to anyone through a simple Google search. Even if your company has the best public relations strategies in the game, a negative online reputation could be a serious pitfall to your public perception.

One of the first places that potential customers go to in search of information about a company or public figure is Google. Wikipedia is one of the first pages that shows up in a list of Google search results and is consulted frequently by anyone looking to get general information about a company or public figure. If your company’s Wikipedia page displays negative information about your brand, this could be a serious problem for your overall image. What makes Wikipedia different from many other informational websites is the fact that it is an open source website, which means that users from all over the world can contribute content to the site without prior approval or consulting any representative from the company that they are writing about. This means that negative information can appear online about your company in the blink of an eye if someone is not constantly monitoring the content of your Wikipedia page and alerting the right people about any additional negative information that pops up.

Part of the mass appeal of Wikipedia is that anyone can suggest edits to a page, which means that whatever is posted on there is theoretically subject to constant revision and updating. This is generally viewed as a positive thing because it means that content is fresh and that there is greater public scrutiny over the things that a company might post about itself. While there are some controls within Wikipedia to prevent public editors from posting incorrect or harassing information, they are not always able to catch all mistakes.

One example of the internal flaws at Wikipedia in managing edits to pages is the war between the Wikipedia bots and human editors. Wikipedia has controls set so that various bots review edits humans make and can reject changes that seem irregular. However, certain pages have been subjected to constant editing loops by the Wikipedia bots, which means that they continuously edit and undo things without any signs of stopping their editing loop. The bots are developed in different countries all over the world, and their unusual behavior on some pages may reflect language barriers. Whatever the reason that there are inconsistencies in edit monitoring at Wikipedia, the end result is that companies need to be vigilant of the ever-changing content about them that is available online.

Very few companies have the resources or manpower that it requires to stay on top of all digital content about them at all times. This is where the experienced team at Get Your Wiki comes in to save the day and protect your company’s online reputation. When you work with the talented team at Get You Wiki, you can rest assured that a dedicated team is constantly monitoring any changes to your Wikipedia page so that they can be corrected or verified instantly. This means that you will not have to worry about damage to your online reputation done by a person with a grudge against you or your company. There is no one else specifically designated to verify the content of your company’s Wikipedia page, which means that you need to be proactive in your approach to monitoring your online reputation.

If your business does not already have a Wikipedia page, creating one can instantly enhance the credibility of your brand. It may be difficult for you to conceptualize what your business Wikipedia page might look like, especially if there is not an abundance of material available about your company online. Get Your Wiki has been helping businesses to establish a better online image for years now and knows exactly how to create and find the type of content that will get your business noticed in a positive way. It will not take long at all to have a professional and accurate Wikipedia page for your business. In addition, Get Your Wiki can provide its popular edit monitoring service for any page that it creates, which means that you can be sure your investment in establishing your company’s online brand is not wasted.

While it might seem simple enough to create a Wikipedia page on your own, this could not be further from the truth. All of the statements in a Wikipedia page must be referenced to some credible authority, which is incredibly difficult to do if your company does not have many online articles written about it. If you try to create a Wikipedia page for your business on your own, you may quickly find that your time will be consumed with searching for references for basic details about your business, which you may never be able to produce without support in getting that information posted elsewhere online. Save yourself from spending countless hours attempting this feat on your own, and trust the professionals at Get Your Wiki to cover your bases. You can then focus your time and energy on running your business, where your efforts are most valuable.