Caught in the Act: The Five Strangest Wikipedia Edits Written by the Canadian Government

If you use Google on a regular basis, you’ve no doubt noticed how often pages from Wikipedia appear at or near the top of Google’s search results. Google favors Wikipedia because users love it. Wikipedia has a well-rounded overview of virtually any topic that you can imagine. If a Wikipedia article states something as fact, it almost always includes a source to back the statement up — and Wikipedia’s army of volunteer editors are quick to remove statements that aren’t true.

Have you ever felt the temptation to create a Wikipedia article about your company — or to remove less than flattering statements from an existing article? Before you jump in and begin editing, you should know that no one is truly anonymous online. Wikipedia records the IP address of every user who edits every page. Wikipedia’s users are quick to link IP addresses to known corporate networks — and they’ll remove edits that appear to be conflicts of interest.

There is an account on Twitter — @gcaedits — that automatically publishes every Wikipedia edit made from an IP address belonging to the Government of Canada. Some of the edits that @gcaedits has found over the past year have been truly bizarre. In this article, we’ll discuss the five strangest ones. Before you attempt to edit your own Wikipedia article, you’d be wise to review this list and see what others have been caught doing on Wikipedia.

Read My Novel — Please!

Dimitri Iatrou — a teacher for the Canadian military’s International Language Institute — became a published author in 2017 when his fantasy novel “Damastor” was released. A month after the novel’s release, someone from the Canadian military edited Wikipedia articles ranging from “Medieval Fantasy” to “List of Fantasy Novels” to insert as many references to the book as possible.

Vanity Strikes Parliament Hill

Even politicians aren’t immune to occasional bouts of vanity. In January 2017, someone using a Canadian Parliament computer edited the article for parliament member Kim Rudd to insert the statement that she is a “former beauty queen.” An editor removed the statement shortly thereafter.

How Old do I Look?

In August 2016, someone used a Canadian Parliament computer to edit the article for parliament member Dianne Watts. The edit removed all references to her birth year. Whether the edits were made out of vanity or simply an attempt to deter identity theft is unknown. An editor quickly reverted the edits.

Someone Really Doesn’t Like Donald Trump

Twice during 2016, someone used a Canadian government computer to deface Wikipedia articles by inserting references to Donald Trump regarding his financial standing and sexual orientation. The edits were evidently made in haste, as they were somewhat incoherent and difficult to understand. Both edits have since been removed.

The Government of Canada Loves Fizzy Drinks

Crystal Pepsi is more than a marketing failure from the distant past — it’s a cultural touchstone for ’90s aficionados. If you’d like to see your favorite defunct ’90s beverage make a comeback, someone from the Government of Canada has heard your pleas. That person used a military computer to edit Wikipedia’s Crystal Pepsi article adding a mention of the drink’s late 2016 comeback.

Wikipedia Editing Is Best Left to Experts

It is impossible to make any edit on Wikipedia — no matter how obscure — without the edit being saved in a log and duly reviewed by other editors. Wikipedia edits have enormous potential power for promotion and reputation sculpting — but only if the edits pass through the gauntlet of editors. Professional Wikipedia writers know how to properly format and source their edits to ensure that they become permanent. If you’d like to edit or create a Wikipedia article, don’t try to do it yourself — hire a professional.

Which Articles Were Edited The Most by 2017

Wikipedia has just come out with information that reveal its most edited articles in 2016. The most edited page was according to Wikipedia, was a page titled deaths in 2016. This should not come as a surprise. Many famous and highly influential people died in 2016. The singer Prince, Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali and first female attorney general of the United States, Janet Reno, were among the numerous high profile people that passed away last year.

The second most edited page was winner of the 2016 presidential race Donald J. Trump. This is not surprising, as Donald Trump has been in the news and headlines throughout the presidential election and continues to be so. It is safe to say that Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page will continue to be one of the most popular pages to edit for 2017 and many years to come. Saying it could be the most popular page in 2017, is no stretch either. Meanwhile, a past president, namely George W. Bush who served from 2001-2009 has the most highly edited page in Wikipedia history. George W. Bush’s page has seen over 45,000 edits. Trump has already seen close to 9,000 edits so far.

The third most edited page was a page about Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign endorsements followed by the United States Presidential Election and then the Republican Party presidential primaries. No doubt, 2016 was a major year for politics that saw a historic election and a major geopolitical changing event such as Brexit. Major sports events, hurricane seasons and terrorist attacks were some of the other highly edited pages of 2016.

The Advantages Of Having A Personal Wikipedia Page

A personal Wikipedia page is one of the best ways to improve your online standing. Wikipedia is a source that is trustworthy, informative and authoritative. It also ranks at the top of search engine results and often shows up in the first page of the search engine results as well. This is why a Wikipedia page is a great tool in reputation building.

While Wikipedia expressly prohibits you from marketing your products or services on its pages, you can consider Wikipedia as a way of boosting sales. The more visible your company, service or brand is on the web, the more likely it is that people will sign up for that service or buy that product. Best of all, creating a Wikipedia page is free and costs nothing to host.

How To Make A Wikipedia Page

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